A Church For All

Bridging The Gap!


A place where all people discover pathways to spiritual empowerment, growth, and fulfillment.


Bridging the gap through worship, social justice, and personal transformation

Core Values

Inclusion - We are committed to and celebrate diversity. We believe that all people have a divine purpose and are created to serve. Therefore we invite all people, regardless of race, ethnicity, sexual orientation, and abilities to engage in a spiritual quest for personal fulfillment.

Integrity - We believe that spiritual truth is available to all and is compromised only by personal motive. Therefore we endeavor to search our hearts for our true motives, to engage the Spirit of God for direction, and to use our findings to support the development of honest and open communication and service.

Compassion - We endeavor to filter all of our encounters with one another and the world around us through Love. Love is the heart of God. Our goal is to demonstrate closeness to that heart in all our actions. God's Love causes us to be concerned about the struggles and sufferings of others. As a demonstration of that love we are willing to extend prayer, counsel, acts of kindness, and sacrifice on behalf of others when called to do so.

Community - God uses community to fulfill a divine plan. We are encouraged to gather in groups, to encourage each other, to meet each other's need, to expand our understanding of ourselves through interaction with others, to corporately worship the Creator. Through community we utilize Love as a revolutionary strategy to right the wrongs of our society and promote an atmosphere of equality and justice. We are a church without walls changing the community in which we live.

Relationship - Every interaction is sacred. Laughter and tears move us closer to one another and God. We encourage an individual relationship with the Creator, developed over time through meditation, prayer, study, worship, and service. In relationship with each other, we have the opportunity to expand that personal relationship with God into a source of healing, comfort, empowerment and support for others. We use small group activities as a means to develop strong personal relationship with God and each other.

A Church For All is a church without walls. Our programs and services are not limited to the people who sit in the pews or come to church on Sunday. We believe the church should be alive and flexible, able to meet the needs of the community wherever they are. When the needs of the individuals we encounter fall outside the skills of our ministrywe will partner with other organizations to build an array of opportunities that will change lives.