Ripple Effect - You Are Not Alone

The Ripple Effect is a secular program run by A Church for All.  Regardless of race, religious beliefs (or lack thereof), economic status, sexual identity, gender identity, or educational background, all are welcome.  We will honor your cultural values as we address your crisis.    

The Ripple Effect Crisis Center (founded by A Church For All) provides a safe place to retreat during a crisis or emotional ...disturbance.

The Ripple Effect is peer run and understands what it takes to get back on your feet. 
We will help you make the right connections, develop a plan to resolve the problem, and support you toward health & wellness. 
You are not alone! We are LGBTQ friendly. Services are available in English and Spanish.
"Grant funding provided by Sacramento County Mental Health Services Act (Prop 63) Innovation funds and administered by Sierra Health Foundation: Center for Health Program Management."

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